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Afraid for his life

Afraid for his life

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After being kidnapped by an "officer Benfield" (sp?) from the Town of Madison, NC around 10pm on the 2-21-2020 and taken before "Magistrate Carter" in Rockingham County, Mike was caged at the Rockingham County jail. The magistrate's order was that he be held until he could appear before a judge on Monday or the jail recieved a $2500 bond AND Mike "properly identify himself". Mike wasn't allowed to call me until just after 6pm on the 22nd. He was stripped naked and left in an isolation cell with bright lights under “suicide watch”. He thought they were trying to manufacture a scenario to kill him... Madison Police Department (336) 548-6097 Rockingham County Sheriff's Office (336) 634-3066 Rockingham County Magistrates Office: 336-634-6019 Rockingham County Jail (336) 634-3232 ~~~~ You can find Blind Justice @ Facebook= Twitter= @InsightIsFree and contact us here: or 360-226-6297 If you want to gift us with any funds you can use: Please note that it is a "gift" in the message somewhere. #BlindJustice


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