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Civil, Human, and Disability rights... NOT in this town meeting...

Civil, Human, and Disability rights... NOT in this town meeting...

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Mike attended a Town Alderman Meeting and attempted to speak during the public comment period. The Mayor and Aldermen are as follows: David Myers – Mayor       336-346-4241             Alan Hensley      336-427-5922   Micky Silvers 336-548-2990   Brenda T. Platt – Assistant Treasurer 336-613-7531   Thomas G. Rogers – Mayor Pro-Tem 336-427-0708   Virginia Hoover 336-427-5522     William Phillips 336-453-8048   Town Attorney Michael J. Cassidy   336-427-2559 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Town of Madison Public Comment Policy North Carolina General Statue 160A-81.1 requires each municipality in North Carolina to provide a Public Comment period at least once per month at a Regular Meeting of the Board of Aldermen and grants municipalities authority to adopt reasonable rules that govern conduct of the Public Comment period. The Town of Madison recognizes the importance of allowing the public an opportunity to express their views, comments, concerns and opinions on matters relevant to the Town. These rules have been established to maintain order and decorum during the Public Comment period and are designed to ensure fairness and equality to each speaker. The public comment period shall be reserved as an item of business on the Agenda for the Board of Aldermen’s Regular Meeting, which is currently held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. All comments to the Board of Aldermen during the public comment period shall be subject to the following guidelines: Public Comment Period 1. Individuals wishing to speak during the Public Comment period, shall register on a sign-up sheet stationed at the meeting room door by listing their name, address and topic of discussion. Speakers that wish to distribute related documents and materials to the Board shall provide ten (10) copies to the Town Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. Preceding the public comment period, the Mayor or his designee will collect the sign-up sheet and recognize speakers in the order that they registered. 2. Speakers will address the Board of Aldermen from the podium with special accommodations being made for persons with disabilities and should identify themselves for the record. The Board will not permit questions or comments called out from the audience. Speakers may speak on any topic related directly to the Town of Madison and shall be limited to a maximum time of three (3) minutes with each speaker only allowed to speak once during the public comment period. The Mayor or his designee shall serve as the time keeper and the Mayor will promptly announce when the speaker’s time has expired. 3. No time may be yielded or transferred from one speaker to another. Each speaker will be concise and avoid repetition. In order to avoid repetition and delay, groups of people supporting or opposing the same position are encouraged to designate a spokesperson to speak for the group. The designated spokesperson may be allotted up to five (5) minutes at the discretion of the Board. 4. Speakers will address comments to the Board as a whole and not an individual Board member. Discussions between speakers and members of the audience will not be permitted during the public comment period. 5. The public comment period is not intended to require the Board of Aldermen or staff to answer impromptu questions. Speakers should expect the Board to refrain from engaging in dialogue, except to the extent necessary to clarify a speaker’s information in order to better understand the speaker’s comments. The Board will not take action on an item presented during the public comment period; however, upon completion of the Public Comment period, the Board, when appropriate, may refer inquires and discussion to the Town Manager for follow up at a later time. 6. Speakers should at all times maintain proper decorum and shall make their comments in a civil and courteous manner. Insults, personal attacks, accusations, profanity, vulgar language, inappropriate gestures, or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Mayor may declare any person “out-of-order” who fails to comply with this policy and shall caution the speaker that failure to conform to this policy shall be grounds for removal from the meeting. Approved by the Town of Madison Board of Aldermen this the 11th day of July, 2019. ~~~~~~~` Music: and Imagine Dragons: I am the Machine ~~~~~~ Email us: Call/Text us: 360-226-6297


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