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Happy “constitution week”- Live Stream (part1)

Happy “constitution week”- Live Stream (part1)

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1:33:23 is the bald guy with beard, gray shirt and tattoos that battered and assaulted Mike (drives the red Ram 1500: Plates: NC Weighted JW8 750). 2:13:06 is the other one with the read beanie hat, white shirt, beard and tattoos that also battered and assaulted Mike and illegally parked his vehicle on the roadway and over a crosswalk and at (Red truck, yellow tags; 325 7UT 2:15:56 started his battery and assault trying to steal Mike's stuff, that's illegal. 2:16:15 started to block Mike's free movement and that's also illegal. 2:16:43 again battered you and tried to steal your stuff and the bald guy came across the street and also blocked Mike's free movement, that's also illegal. At 2:16:57 the bald guy had Mike blocked and helped the one with the red beanie stealing Mike's sign, (illegal) ~~~~ You can find Blind Justice @ Facebook= Twitter= @InsightIsFree and contact us here: or 360-226-6297 If you want to gift us with any funds you can use: Please note that it is a "gift" in the message somewhere. #BlindJustice


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