Killing In The Name Of

Killing In The Name Of

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Blind Justice

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00:00 Droves of militarized police officers march down dark street
00:03 Black truck lined with 9 cops in riot gear rolls by
00:09 Scene clips show militarized police forces marching through smoky streets.
00:11 Armored police march across the street. A line of them march toward protestors
00:14 Hundreds of men wearing military dessert camo march on US soil
00:17 Men in military camo grab a protestor and forcefully put him in an unmarked car.
00:26 25+ cops in riot gear line the street as others with riot shields march down the middle .
00:33 At night a line of cops with shields slowly advances down the street
00:35 Clips of protestors and armored policed standing around. One protestor carries an upside down American Flag
00:39 Police drive two large, black, armored military type vehicles down the street
00:41 An armored vehicle rolls down the street as protestors scatter
00:45 Police officer who is firing at protestors
00:49 Stacks aof hundreds of oversized coffins
00:54 The images alternate between men and women in police/military attire and historic and modern-day scenes from KKK meetings. Crosses and swastika’s high on posts, ablaze as people in white robes toss torches at their base.
1:23 A cop. In riot gear and face shield all splattered with blood
1:24 Militarized police advance as an old man approaches. 1 pushes the old man knocking him to the ground. The man doesn’t move as blood begins to pull on the sidewalk under his head as the cops step around.
1:30 A young lady wearing a clothe face mask that reads “Registered & Vote”
1:32 A young man with blood running down his face stand handcuffed next to another young man with police behind them.
1:34 A man stands in handcuffs as a face mask is forcefully place over his mouth and nose.
1:38 A long line of customers wraps around the outside of Costco
1:42 Closed playgrounds
1:46 Miserable child stares at a computer screen
1:48 Clips of closed churches, businesses and empty shelves,
1:55 A man crawls on hands and knees toward a police officer and is gunned down
2:00 People in white pointed hoods and robes watch a cross burn
2:06 A young man walking down the street is attacked and beaten by police.
2:11 KKK meeting
2:12 A man recording a traffic stop is attacked and put in handcuffs
2:18 Police in riot gear with gas masks, helmets and wooden rods march toward protestors, smoke fills the air a they shove the people backwards. 
2:32 KKK burning cross and swastika
2:35 Red paint splatters the ground and door of the sheriff’s office 
2:40 One man with 4 or 5 cops on top of him is being beaten and tied up
2:50 A petite girl is brutally attacked by police.
3:00 Black and white image of a star zooms out to reveal Jewish people forced to wear stars on their chests. Color image of a star zooms out to reveal the new “Real ID”
3:03 Sepia color image of people being loaded into train cars
3:10 An Image of the Auschwitz compound clips to an razor wired FEMA compound in the US
3:15 Black and white image of Jewish prisoners digging a large hole clips to a colored image of prisoners in the US digging
3:21 People waiting to be tested
3:22 Long line of people next to a sign that reads, FEMA Mandatory Vaccine
3:25 Black and white image of workers holding and extremely skinny dead woman by her wrists and ankles.
3:28 Someone being injected with a needle
3:30 A young man is laying on the ground being beaten by 3 cops
3:35 A cop hold a small unmasked lady by her neck and forces her down the street before throwing her on the ground and handcuffing her behind her back
3:40 An unmasked woman in Walmart is picked up by her crotch and thrown face first to the ground by a man in a police uniform.
3:51 A young woman and her small child walk by hand in hand with masks down on their chins. 6 cops go hands on and attack the woman ripping her away from her child, manhandling her and pulling her arms behind her back as her child watches in horror. 
 4:14 Young man stands with his back to the camera raising two middle fingers toward a capital building as a smoke grenade burns out in front of him
4:17 A naked woman sits in the middle of an intersection. Her back is to the camera and her legs are spread in a powerful Yoga pose facing a line of militarized police and police vehicles.
4:19 A facemark burns above a metal bucket
4:22 Gandhi sit peacefully 
4:25 1 man stares down 4 tanks in the middle of a large highway.
4:30 A large gathering of people in orange robes surround a single monk who is sitting in the lotus position. The monk lights himself on fire. 
4:36 B&W image: 4 young men sit at a Woolworths counter in Greensboro, NC
4:39 A police precinct is ablaze
4:47 Camera man follows as two men in police outfits scamper away and actually hop over a small fence to get away from the camera
4:56 A huge crowd gathers, wearing Guy Fox masks, facing the camera
5:55 People dance around the Jefferson Memorial
5:57 The Guy Fox crowd begin removing their masks until all faces are bare and they stand firmly facing the camera

Song: Killing In The Name Of
Artist: Rage Against the Machine
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