Asheboro Courthouse Appears to be Making Positive Change

Asheboro Courthouse Appears to be Making Positive Change

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Mike, Jeff from Jeff is Here Audits: and Carolina Auditor headed out to check in on in Randolph County Courthouse in Asheboro, NC. If you recall, back on 12/30/19 the guards broke federal law by denying Mike equal access to the courthouse. Check it out: HOWEVER.... their visit on 1/10/20 was a COMPLETELY different story. Check out the night and day transformation of this courthouse. Check out the other guy's channels here: Here's some contact information if you're interested: Randolph County Courthouse: (336) 328-3000 Clerk of Superior Court: (336) 328-3100 Superior Court Judge: (336) 328-3191 District Court Judges: (336) 328-3270 The guards fall under the Randolph Sheriff’s Office: (336) 318-6699 ~~~~ You can find Blind Justice @ Facebook= Twitter= @InsightIsFree and contact us here: or 360-226-6297 If you want to gift us with any funds you can use: Please note that it is a "gift" in the message somewhere. #BlindJustice


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