VA SNAFU part 1

VA SNAFU part 1

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Blind Justice

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Mike recently call the VA to schedule a mental health appointment. It did not go well at all!! The process was ridiculous!! Check out the first step of the journey here. Part 2: Apparently it's easier to get drugs than to get into a mindfulness class. Part 3: Telehealth MENTAL HEALTH provider hangs up on Mike (refuses care) and then leaves him in a room, alone, for 30 minutes. Mike asked multiple times for a patient advocate but never gets one. W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center 1695 Kernersville Medical Parkway Kernersville, NC (not Salisbury) 336-515-5000 ~~~~ You can find Blind Justice @ Facebook= Twitter= @InsightIsFree and contact us here: or 360-226-6297 If you want to gift us with any funds you can use: Please note that it is a "gift" in the message somewhere. #BlindJustice


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