Kidnapped Again! 2-21-2020

Kidnapped Again! 2-21-2020

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Blind Justice

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While playing one of the FEW phone games that Mike and I can still enjoy together (because of the audio cues) Friday night (2-21-2020) I pulled into what I thought was a church parking lot to catch a Pokemon when a vehicle pulled in blind me. I finished with my game and started to pull away when the vehicle behind me lit up like Christmas tree. I immediately stopped. This occurred in the town of Madison, NC and Mike was taken to the Rockingham County Jail. I think the “officer” at the driver’s side window who kept threatening to break the window and took Mike said his name was “Benfield”. Madison Police Department (336) 548-6097 Rockingham County Sheriff's Office (336) 634-3066 Magistrates Office: 336-634-6019 ~~~~ You can find Blind Justice @ Facebook= Twitter= @InsightIsFree and contact us here: or 360-226-6297 If you want to gift us with any funds you can use: Please note that it is a "gift" in the message somewhere. #BlindJustice


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